Steroid Injections

Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar/Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection is an interventional procedure that is designed to reduce pain and inflammation in the spine. This injection may reduce pain from a variety of spinal pain problems including intervertebral disc disease, nerve impingement, facet joint arthritis and spinal stenosis.

With x-ray guidance, needles are advanced into the epidural space of the spine at the appropriate level. Needle tip placement is confirmed by injection of contrast (dye) to verify proper needle location. After correct needle position is confirmed by x-ray the proper medications are injected. The most common used medications are bupivacaine and depo medrol.

Recovery from the procedure is short. You may have minor discomfort at the injection site which usually resolves within 24 hours. If this occurs, you may want to try over the counter pain medication and or heat and ice at the injection site. You may resume your normal activities the next day. Remember, it may take a week before the steroid starts working and you notice improvement.