Trial Spinal Cord Stimulator Discharge Instructions

Trial Spinal Cord Stimulator Discharge Instructions

Your doctor has determined that you are an appropriate candidate for a “Trial Spinal Cord Stimulator”.  Please read the following instructions below:

Pain Control

You may experience some discomfort after the procedure.  You may require additional muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories.  Take as directed.

Surgical Dressing Care

A surgical dressing will be placed to secure the “lead” and “connecting wires” and to aid in the prevention of infection.

Do not:

  • Remove the dressing
  • Get the dressing wet
  • Pull or tug at the connecting wires


  • Take sponge baths instead of tub baths or showers
  • Call the office if you are having a reaction to the dressing or tape (blistering, severe itching, rash)

Infection Control

It is very important during the trial to take special precautions to prevent infection in your spine.  Before your procedure you will be given and IV antibiotic.  You will also be provided an antibiotic to take at home.  Start this the day after your procedure.  Take the antibiotic until instructed to stop.  Call our office if you develop a fever, shaking or chills or if you have a significant amount of drainage from underneath the dressing.


Trial Spinal Cord Stimulator Activity Restriction and Recommendations

Do Not: 

  • reach above your head
  • bend or twist at the waist
  • lift more than 5lbs
  • drive a vehicle or operate machinery with the stimulator on


  • walk for brief periods
  • bend at your knees for low objects
  • step up for high objects
  • use log roll movements to get out of bed
  • move your body without twisting


Please contact our office, at 704-662-0877, with any questions or contact your spinal cord stimulator representative.